Refillable Eye Shadow Palette/ SY-CZ22017

Short Description:

1. The material is made of environmentally friendly PCR material, and meets the current environmental protection requirements.

2. The product adopts a card shape design, with left and right sliding opening and closing structure, which is easy to carry out and convenient to use.

3. With a customisable, reusable set you can curate your own ideal selection and swap shades whenever you like, which can be with eye shadow,bronzer, compact powder and other makeup products.

Product Detail

Packing Advantage

● Introducing our revolutionary new product - the Customizable Makeup Palette. We combine the latest eco-friendly technologies with stylish and functional designs to bring you palettes that not only meet your makeup needs, but also contribute to a greener planet.

●  At the heart of our customizable palettes is the use of eco-friendly PCR material. This means our products are not only durable and long-lasting, but also made from recycled materials, reducing overall waste in the environment. We believe in sustainable beauty, and with our customizable palettes, you can enjoy your favorite makeup products guilt-free.

●  Imagine having all your favorite shades in one place, conveniently organized and ready to use. No more carrying multiple makeup products in your bag trying to find the perfect shade. Our customizable makeup palettes take the hassle and mess out of the way, offering simple and effective solutions to your makeup needs.


What Is Environmentally Friendly PCR Material ?

1. PCR stands for Post-Consumer Recycled material. It refers to plastics that are made from recycled materials, specifically plastics that have been used and discarded by consumers.

2. Using PCR material is environmentally friendly because it helps reduce the demand for new plastic production, conserves natural resources, and reduces the amount of plastic waste sent to landfills or incineration. By recycling and reusing plastic waste, PCR materials help contribute to a circular economy, where materials are kept in use for as long as possible.

3. When using PCR materials, it is essential to ensure they are processed and manufactured using environmentally friendly methods. This includes minimizing energy consumption, reducing carbon emissions, and using sustainable production practices.

4. By incorporating PCR materials into various products and packaging, we can reduce our reliance on virgin plastics and make a positive contribution to environmental sustainability.

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