Mono PET compact with PET pin

Short Description:

Mono PET compact with PET pin
Dimension: L73*W73*H11.1mm

BENEFITS: Mono PET compacts are manufactured using 100% original raw material and high quality ingredients. They are in compliance with the food directives.
Easy to open and close without any leakage.
Compact size, easy to carry.
DECO OPTIONS:Electroplating,Painting,Hot Stamping,Silk-Screening

Product Detail

Packing Advantage

● One of the key advantages of our Mono PET pellets is that they are manufactured from 100% virgin raw material and high quality ingredients.  This not only ensures the premium quality of the product but also makes it comply with all food directives.  You can trust our compacts are safe to use and meet the highest standards.


● Another notable feature of our Mono PET compact is its easy opening and closing mechanism, which guarantees a hassle-free experience and eliminates any leak concerns.  With this compact, you can safely carry your favorite eyeshadows without worrying about spills or smudges.



Product Description

Our Mono PET compacts are specially designed for eyeshadow application. Its spacious interior offers plenty of room in your favorite shades, allowing you to showcase your creativity and experiment with different looks. Whether you like shimmery metallics or neutral mattes, this compact has everything you need for your eyeshadow needs.

To further enhance the aesthetics of Mono PET compacts, we offer a variety of decorative options. Choose from plating, painting, hot stamping or screen printing for a personalized, eye-catching design. Make a statement and stand out from the crowd with your makeup accessories.

Mono PET Compact with PET Needle is the perfect addition to your cosmetics collection. This product is carefully crafted from high-quality materials to provide convenience, safety and style. With its compact size, you can easily take it anywhere, while its secure closure ensures no leaks or spills. Custom-made for eyeshadow application, this powder compact lets you unleash your creativity and create stunning looks. Don't miss your chance to own this extraordinary Mono PET compact and take your makeup routine to new heights.

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