Loose Powder Cosmetic Sustainable Packaging / SY-C016A

Short Description:

1. High-transparency AS brush cap and single-layer powder bottle, natural and environmentally friendly wheat straw bottle cap, Silver ion antibacterial ultra-fine toning brush.

2. The powder bottle and the brush adopt an integrated structure, and the makeup can be applied by brushing the brush on the skin while shaking the powder bottle upside down.

3. Unscrew the bottle cap after to refill powder into the powder bottle for repeated use,sustainable and cost saving.

Product Detail

Packaging Description

Our loose powder packaging showcases a unique all-in-one construction where the bottle and brush are in one. This means applying makeup is as easy as swiping the brush over the skin while gently shaking the powder bottle upside down. This inventive design ensures that just the right amount of powder is distributed onto the brush, so you get a perfect, even application every time.

But that's not all! We understand the importance of sustainability in today's world, which is why our powder bottles are refillable. Simply unscrew the cap after use to refill the powder, ensuring the product can be used multiple times, minimizing waste and maximizing your cost savings. We are very proud of this sustainable approach to cosmetics, which we believe is an important step towards a green future.


● Our loose powder packaging is made from natural and eco-friendly materials. The high clarity AS brush cap and single layer powder bottle provide maximum visibility, allowing you to see the powder before application. This ensures that you can easily identify the color and quantity, preventing any accidents due to wrong use. Plus, the use of silver ion antibacterial micro-fine makeup brushes helps maintain hygiene, making your makeup routine safe and hygienic.

● In conclusion, our loose powder packaging offers a unique and sustainable solution to your cosmetic needs. With its one-piece construction, refillable design and natural materials, the product not only offers convenience, but also takes a step forward in reducing waste and protecting the environment. Join us in embracing a greener future with our innovative loose powder packaging.

Product Show

Our innovative products focus on sustainable development and cost saving, combining high-transparency AS brush caps and single-layer powder bottles, as well as natural and environmentally friendly wheat straw caps and silver ion antibacterial ultra-fine color palette brushes.


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