Bamboo Mascara Eco Friendly Packaging Materials For Cosmetics

Short Description:

Premium/Natural Bamboo Shell & PETG Inner
3D printing surface process after radium carving
Well-made for long lasting/Delicate Workmanship
Easy to open and close without any leakage
Compact size, easy to carry

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Packaging Description

The packaging of the Mascara is exquisite in workmanship, and the surface technology of 3D printing is used after laser engraving to create an amazing visual effect. Intricate details and a smooth finish make it ideal for any makeup lover. This eco-friendly cosmetic packaging is not only beautiful but also durable, ensuring long-term use.

The combination of natural bamboo shell and stainless steel plate not only adds a sense of luxury to our packaging, but also provides superior durability. This ensures your Mascara is protected and intact, even when traveling or tossed in your makeup bag.

We understand the importance of sustainable products in the cosmetics industry, which is why we chose bamboo as the main material for our packaging. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource that grows quickly, making it an excellent choice for an eco-friendly packaging solution.


● Our packaging materials are not only sustainable, but also have antimicrobial properties. We understand the importance of hygiene in beauty products, so we've included ultra-fine synthetic bristle brushes that are not only soft and gentle on your skin, but also protect against harmful bacteria. This ensures that your grooming experience is not only environmentally friendly but also safe and hygienic.

● With our eco friendly containers for cosmetics you can now enjoy your favorite products mascara. We believe that beauty and sustainability should go hand in hand, and our packaging design reflects this philosophy. By choosing our products, you can make a positive impact on the environment without compromising the quality and results of your beauty routine.

● By choosing our eco friendly cosmetic packaging, you are not only investing in a high-quality product, but also joining us in our mission to promote a more sustainable future. Let's embark together on this journey towards beauty and sustainability.

Company Profile

Founded in 2005, Zhongshan Shangyang Technology Co., Ltd. provides one-stop services from research & design, sampling, product testing, manufacturing to logistics and transportation of beauty tools to international famous beauty brands. In order to meet the increasing demand of the market and customers for environmental protection packaging materials, the Shangyang invested funds and manpower in 2019 to engage in the design, sampling, and manufacturing of sustainable packaging materials for skin care and cosmetics products. The self-developed and manufactured degradable series of FSC paper molded pulp materials have brought in positive responses from the market and won intense interest from customers to further develop. We rely on advanced science and technology and forward-looking design concept to build new business value for customers and to make valuable social and environmental contributions to society.

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